Brown Bears: Infant

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Brown Bears: Infants

Our trust-filled relationship with your child begins in our infant room. We soothe and nature the children to support them in building a sense of confidence by responding and reacting quickly to their natural cues. Comfort is offered through holding, talking, singing in a quiet reassuring voice, and by making eye contact.

Infants in the Brown Bears class learn the world around them using all their senses, such as sight, sound and touch to make observations. Our teachers expose them to multiple sensorial experiences with materials such as paint, clay, sand, light and shadows and more. The Brown Bears experience language development through baby sign language and exposure to Spanish through songs and speech. The classroom has been tailored to help each child reach developmental milestones, from the stripes on the wall for visual development to classroom equipment for muscle strength. Our infants are also exposed to various large motor experiences to challenge themselves physically. Every day, the Brown Bears have tummy time and a relaxing baby massage.  We also introduce STEAM through building blocks, patterns and shapes, and cause and effect activities.