At The Ivy, we use developmentally appropriate activities, concrete materials and creative ideas to inspire children through STEAM and hands-on investigations. Our teachers scaffold learning by differentiating each experience to support each child’s unique learning needs.

Our children develop learning skills and build knowledge as they play. We are committed to providing positive learning experiences. We support their learning in a play-based environment, providing the materials children need to make discoveries, to connect the dots between what they know, what they wonder about, and what they have discovered. We join them on their journey asking questions to stimulate them to make predictions, integrate their learning and to make knowledge their own.

Bilingual & Rich Language Environment

The world is getting smaller with the continuous advancement in technology and travel. It is important, and can be argued becoming more essential, to be multilingual. At The Ivy, all of our activities are presented in both English and Spanish.

Conscious Discipline

“Discipline is not something you do to children, it is something you develop within them.” – Becky Bailey

As part of our mission to educate the whole child, we use a social-emotional program called Conscious Discipline.


Every child is born a natural scientist, engineer and mathematician. Beginning as infants, children use sensory exploration to make observations and self-guided discoveries.