Red Bears: PreK-1

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Red Bears: Transitioning Toddlers

Red Bears: Toddlers

Red Bears: Toddlers

Our relationship with your child continues as they progress into the toddler room. Consistency is created through a daily routine where children experience a variety of planned and unplanned (intentional) activities. Individual goals and objectives are created and tailored to each child’s developmental stage.

We emphasize character education, by introducing one character trait a month. At this age caring, kindness, and empathy are explored as the children begin to create their own identity. It’s a small word, which is becoming smaller by the day. We teach the children about their global community and the similarities and differences of children near and far. The world is full of things to discover! They move and dance to music, learn Spanish, and begin sorting and collecting things they find outdoors. We nurture their social-emotional, physical, language and cognitive development through a collaboration of multi-modal activities.

The toddlers meet many milestones including walking, running, and jumping, thus making documentation an important part of the day. Each child has a portfolio that follows them from infancy through junior kindergarten. Additionally, through this observation and documentation, the teachers use of the children’s curiosity and interests to plan activities. There are many hands-on experiences and the children learn through exploration. These experiences develop both fine and gross motors skills. While toddlers are always on the go, we believe in the importance of having a balance between active and quiet times during the day.